What I’ve Been Up To

I don’t even know where to begin. This past month has been extremely busy. First, I’ll start off with work. A couple of my co-workers were on vacation at various times this month so I had to step up and cover for them. This of course meant long hours at work. Although on some occasions, I had to stay late at work, it wasn’t as bad as I initially feared. With both of them back, it’s back to normal starting tomorrow since I took the day off today.

This past month, I also traveled to the Bay Area quite a bit. Three times to be exact. Once was personal, the other was for a wedding and third time was for AidsWalk SF.

After going home at the end of May for personal reasons, I wasn’t planning on returning to the Bay Area until July 18th for AidsWalk SF. I found out that my Mom, Dad and two little nephews were part of the wedding entourage for my cousin Edna’s wedding. My family wanted me to be there so they paid for my ticket so I could attend the wedding. I’m glad that I did. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and I had a great time at the reception. It also gave me the opportunity to use my DSLR, which as you’ve noticed by my lack of blog posts, I haven’t used lately. Below are a few of the images I took from the reception which was held at Hiddenbrooke Golf Club in Vallejo, CA.

The Bride and Groom – Edna and Jay

Maid of Honor Speech

(Yes-She’s reading her speech from her iPhone. 🙂 )

Dad, Tobey, Joshua and Mom

Fairway at Hiddbrooke Golf Club

You can see the complete set of pictures that I took from the wedding here.
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