Wild Animal Park


The San Diego Wild Animal Park is…WILD!

I would totally recommend going here instead of the San Diego Zoo if you had to pick and choose. The first time I went to the Zoo at Balboa Park, it was hit or miss if I would actually see the animal in their exhibit. At the Park, I didn’t have that problem. At least not on this trip.

The Park offers many different options for you too see the animals. I chose to walk around the park to witness the 3000+ animals in their natural environment. There are many exhibits such as The Nariobi Village, Condor Ridge, Heart of Africa and my favorite, Lion Camp.

The park also offers different tours to see the exhibits and to interact with the animals. These tours have an additional fee which you’ll need to check when you first enter the park. Some of the different tours include: Journey Into Africa – A tour ride that will take you into the wilds of Africa to observe animals in their naturalistic environment. Rolling Safari – A unique two hour tour that takes you on an off road path using Segway X2. Photo Caravans – A Safari tour where you get a unique opportunity to go into the heart of the Wild Animal Park and feed giraffe’s or rhinoceros.

When my family comes down to visit in late May, I’m definitely taking them here and will undoubtedly do one or two of these tours. For this trip, walking gave me the best opportunity to take some great photos of the park and animals. Here are a few of my favorites.