San Diego After Dark

SD_NightISO200, 53mm, f16, 30sec

Yesterday afternoon/evening, I met up with a fellow photographer to do some night photography at Coronado, CA. We are both new to night photography so we really didn’t have too many expectations. We did, however, have an idea as to what we wanted to take pictures of – the Coronado Bridge and the San Diego Skyline. The lighting on the bridge wasn’t really ideal so we ended up focusing on capturing the San Diego Skyline.

With night photography, a tripod is a must but what I wasn’t prepared for was the need for a shutter release cable. This was evident in the later part of the evening when the exposure reached over 30 seconds long. I had to make due with making adjustments to the ISO and aperture to get proper exposure.

The picture above was one of the better ones that I captured during the later part of the evening. The picture below was taken about 45 minutes after the sunset. Love the purplish lighting. By the way, this is not a true panoramic. The original photo had to much dead space and broke the rule of thirds, so I decided to make it look like a pano. 🙂

IMG_0308-EditISO200, 35mm, f16, 30sec

USS MidWay – [1PicADay]

Flight Deck and Island Supertructure of the USS MidWay
Here’s a little sneak peak of my visit to the USS MidWay Museum at the San Diego Bay yesterday. It was a beautiful day to learn a little history of this legendary ship – from life on board the city at sea, to the technical innovations of the ship and the memorable experiences this legendary ship has gone through. This is a once in a lifetime attraction that is a must see.

More photos to come…

Schmap San Diego Guide Inclusion

About two weeks ago, I received a message on Flickr from Emma Williams, the Managing Editor of Schmap Guides, indicating that one of my photos was on the short list that was being considered for the Eighth Edition of the Schmap San Diego Guide. All I needed to do was reply back indicating my approval to include it for consideration, which I gladly did.

The other day, I received an email verifying that my photo was chosen to be included in the upcoming edition. You can’t even imagine how psyched I am about this! Below is the photo that will be included in the San Diego guide for the Wild Animal Park.


You can check out the guide for the Wild Animal Park here:

For those that do not know about Schmap, they are a publisher of digital travel guides for 200 destinations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Their guides can be downloaded from their site or browsed online with verisons optimized for iPhone and Nokia users. For more information, check out their website: