Photography Meetup


Tonight I attended my first meetup for the Northern San Diego Photography Group. Considering I have never gone to any type of meetup before, I had no idea what to expect. The group typically meet once a month at Panera Bread in Mira Mesa, CA which is about a 30 minute drive from where I work.

When I first walked in to Panera, I immediately recognized some of the members from their profiles on the group website. I was greeted by Joseph Lennox, one of the Assistant Organizers. He gave me a brief overview of the group and then basically let me go to converse with the rest of the members. I introduced myself to the other members and then sort’ve jumped in and out of conversations with different people.

The group caters to all levels of photographers but the majority of the attendees this evening were primarily professionals or business owners dealing in photography. There was one other person that I considered to be at the same level as I was. I spent most of the evening talking to him since both of us were going through the same learning curve and had similar questions about photography.

For the most part, the remainder of the evening was spent listening and learning from other members of the group. I’m looking forward to attending meetups where we go to different locations and take photos. I think definitely that is where I’ll get the most benefit. I can use the groups experience and expertise to help improve my own knowledge and technique.