Canon 24-70L

One of my goals this year was to own a Canon L Series lens. I rented the 70-200mm f2.8 IS last summer and was in awe of not only the build quality of the lens but the pictures that it produced. The clarity, sharpness and DOF (depth of field) were amazing. I knew right there and then that I needed to start saving so I could start building my lens collection.

Fast foward to about a week ago when I got an unexpected surprise from work. With the small bonus that I got, I pulled the trigger and bought the Canon 24-70mm L lens. I received it last week and have been waiting to take pictures with it. Unfortunately, every time I’ve wanted to go out, the weather hasn’t played nice. Hopefully in the up coming days/weeks, I’ll be out and about shooting with this beauty. – Mini Review

Last month I rented lenses for the very first time…ever! Thanks to my experience with, it probably won’t be my last.


I had friends and family visiting throughout the month of May and I was planning on taking lots of pictures. Considering the itinerary of places we were planning to go, I would be taking different types of pictures ranging from portraits, landscape and wildlife. For the Canon 50D, the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8 IS zoom lenses would cover all of the focal ranges that I would be expecting to take. With the prices of good lenses reaching $1000+, it was a no brainer to go the rental route.

First off, the company caters specifically to Canon and Nikon dslr cameras. The website and online reservation system are pretty user friendly. When you click on the brand of camera, Canon or Nikon, you are given a list of lenses that they carry. The page indicates if the item is in stock with a simple yes or no. Yes – they carry the lens and there is at least one copy in stock. No – they carry the lens but all copies of the lens are currently out of stock. If the item is not in stock, you’re encouraged to call and speak to a customer service representative to reserve for a future date or you can leave your email to be notified when the item becomes available. Pricing and rental time are also provided on the page. Shipping price in both direction is already included in the price. A big surprise is no tax.

After the order is placed, you will be notified via email when the order is shipped and provided the tracking number. All shipping is through FedEx and is 2 day shipping. Overnight shipping is also available for those who need the lens immediately but you will need to speak to a customer rep to reserve the lens. All lenses are shipped in pelican cases to avoid any damage while in transit and the actual rental period starts when FedEx electronically confirms delivery or attempts delivery. The package also includes the return shipping label that you will use when you return the lens.

The lenses that I rented were both in working order but did show signs of wear which is typical anytime you rent. They came with both front and rear caps. I was a little disappointed they didn’t come with UV filters and the 17-55mm didn’t come with a lens hood. With the cost of repairs, you would think they would provide those items to prevent accidental damage to the glass. This was a minor con since I like to take good care of my gear.

Towards the end of the rental period, they send an email reminder when the lens is due and also give you an option to extend the rental period. To return the lens, just repack all items in the pelican case and the box that it came in, stick the return shipping label on the box and drop it off to FedEx. The transit times to and from LensProToGo do NOT count toward the rental period.

Overall, my first online rental transaction with LensProToGo was quite positive and I will definitely use them again in the future.

You can check out their new blog and follow them on Twitter.

Gadget: Canon 50D


I finally got the Canon 50D. I was actually saving for the Canon 40D. But after playing around with the 50D at the local Best Buy, I decided to spend a little extra and purchase the newer model. I couldn’t resist the 15 megapixel sensor, the higher resolution 920,000 dot LCD and the newer DIGIC 4 image processor.

I can’t wait to test this bad boy out!

Since being bitten by the shutter bug last year, I knew that I would out grow the Canon XTi that I owned for a little over a year. To be honest, I wish I had spent a little more and purchased the 40D when I first invested in a DSLR. I would’ve saved some money now considering the difference between a 40D vs. 50D is not as extreme as a XTi vs 40D. Anyways, now that I have a camera body that will allow me to be more flexible and creative, its time to start saving for better glass(lens).

Hopefully I can purchase my first L series lens sometime in September. It would be a great birthday present to myself! 🙂