Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning and I’m here at Starbucks having some breakfast and blogging. I was thinking about going to San Diego’s Wild Animal Park today but the weather looks ominous right now. I’ll have to re-evaluate that in a couple of hours.

I was actually planning to veg out at the condo all weekend since my roommate and his girlfriend were planning to both be out of town but that changed when I got a text from my roommate Friday night that his plans had changed. And of course, since he was going to be in town, the girlfriend decided to come down as well. Don’t get me wrong, they are both great people, but sometimes, it would be nice to have the condo to myself so I can just chill and relax without having to worry if I was going to bother or disturb them. They’re night owls and they love to sleep in. And for those of you who saw my tweet about being “naked and carefree” all weekend, that was meant to be a joke. 🙂 Although, Saturday morning, I think my neighbor was on the same wavelength because he was literally “hanging out” in the buff. Scary sight! LOL!

So now I’m surfing the web and catching up on blogs and social networking sites. I’ll probably be doing this for the next couple of hours until the weather clears (hopefully) so I can go out and about and take some pictures.

(Taken with the iPhone using the QuadCamera App)
(Taken with the iSight using Skitch)