The Day After

After a week long rain-fest, we finally saw the sun today. I wasn’t about to miss out on this opportunity to soak up some sun, so I grabbed my camera and hung out at the beach. The one thing I love about heavy rain fall is that typically the day after, the light is amazing. Today was no different as the sun was golden during the late afternoon and early evening.

Bird Walk

While enjoying the late afternoon sun at Carlsbad State Beach today, I came across an unusual sight, a man walking his pet bird. Actually, it was a husband and wife walking their dog and pet bird. How often do you see that? Thinking that I wouldn’t get another opportunity too see something like this, I quickly snapped a picture with my iPhone and posted it on Brightkite.

As they walked away, I was a little upset at myself for not having my dslr with me to take a better picture. I brought the camera but left it in the car thinking I wasn’t going to see anything worth photographing that I haven’t taken at the beach already. Lucky for me, the couple turned around and headed back in my direction. When I saw this, I rushed back to my car to get the dslr. The owners were nice enough to allow me to take a few snapshots of their beautiful and well trained bird.


Today, I planned on going back to the San Diego Wild Animal Park but changed my mind at the last minute. By 10am this morning, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid to high 60’s and I knew I wanted to be at the beach instead. So I went to Walmart, bought a beach chair and towel, packed a small cooler with ice, drinks and treats, sprayed on some sunscreen and laid out at the beach in front of our condo. Believe it or not, this was the first time since moving down to Carlsbad that I actually laid out on the beach and just chilled.

Here’s to more days like this…
beach(Taken with the iPhone)