USS MidWay – [1PicADay]

Flight Deck and Island Supertructure of the USS MidWay
Here’s a little sneak peak of my visit to the USS MidWay Museum at the San Diego Bay yesterday. It was a beautiful day to learn a little history of this legendary ship – from life on board the city at sea, to the technical innovations of the ship and the memorable experiences this legendary ship has gone through. This is a once in a lifetime attraction that is a must see.

More photos to come…


My sister, Ellen and friend, Rona, flew down to Orange County on Friday for a relaxing weekend away from their families and to celebrate Rona’s birthday. I met up with them to help celebrate her birthday at Disneyland on Saturday. We spent 14+ hours at the park so I’m crazy tired this morning.


This is the first of three trips to Disneyland that I will be doing in the up coming weeks. It was also the first time I had gone to Disneyland in many years and from what I remember they added quite a few things. One thing that didn’t change is the amount of fun I still have there. Since we went fairly early, we were able to get on a few rides without much waiting. We hit rides like, Indiana Jones Adventure, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and my favorite, Splash Mountain. A quick tip for Splash Mountain, if you WANT to get wet, sit in the front.

As I mentioned earlier, a few things had changed at Disney since the last time I was there. They renovated and added a few attractions. They also added the FASTPASS Service. Basically what the FASTPASS Service does is allows you to enjoy the rest of the park while it saves a spot in line for you.

Here’s how it works:

1) Look for the FASTPASS distribution area near the entrance of select attractions.
2) Check the “Return Time” display which gives you a span of time during which you can explore the Park before returning to board the attraction.
3) If the “Return Time” is adequate, place your Admission ticket in the machine and it will provide another ticket with the Return Time printed on the ticket. Enjoy the rest of the Park and return at the provided Return Time.
4) Go back to the FASTPASS line at your return time and present the FastPass ticket to the host and enjoy the attraction with minimal wait.

Not all rides have the FASTPASS so make sure to check which attractions have the service here. You can aslo read up on how to maximize the use of the FASTPASS service, here, here, and here. Since I will be going to Disney a couple of more times in the next couple of weeks, I will definitely put some of the tips to good use.

Thanks Ellen and Rona for a great day at Disneyland! I had fun talking and laughing with you gals and I enjoyed all the awesome treats and sweets we had. I’m still recovering from the chocolate chip cookie hot fudge sundae I had for dinner!