Larry – TheRockWhispers

Larry – TheRockWhispers

If you live in Carlsbad and walked along Carlsbad State beach, you have likely seen his work before. You can’t help but admire the formations and makes you wonder where his inspiration comes from. Where ever it comes from, it’s people like Larry that make this world a more beautiful place.

You can see more of his work on Instagram, username: Therockwhispers


Timing is Everything

Sunset Time-2

When it comes to photography, sometimes, timing is everything. The picture above is a great example. I was going for a walk at my favorite beach when I noticed the sunset. I wasn’t planning on taking a picture but then I noticed a flock of birds at a distance flying across the setting sun.

I immediately went digging in my coat pocket to grab my camera phone which I almost dropped. As I fumbled around with the phone to get to the camera app, I noticed the birds change direction and started flying towards me. When I finally got access to the camera, the birds were practically on top of me so i just pointed in the direction of the sun and shot several quick shots. I didn’t even bother to see if the camera had focused.

Lucky for me, I got one amazing photo out of it. My initial reaction when I first saw the picture on my phone was “Damn, I wish I had my DSLR with me.” After downloading the picture onto my computer and seeing it on a bigger screen, I was so glad that I had my phone with me to capture this exact moment. Even if I had planned on taking pictures that day with my DSLR and waited for a “money” shot, I don’t think I would’ve gotten this same picture.

The moral of the story? Sometimes, photo opportunities present themselves unexpectedly so you try to capture it as best you can with what you have. Sometimes you get lucky and capture a great shot.