Mission Peak Hike

(At the Mission Peak Summit)

I finally got around to hiking Mission Peak in Fremont, CA. This was my first time hiking this trail after living in the area for 30+ years.

I did the hike with my cousin, Philipp and his two boys, Brian and AJ. This was their second time doing the hike so they were my tour guide for this trek. The hike took about 2.5-3 hrs roundtrip. I’m sure it could’ve been longer if we stayed to enjoy the scenery, but it was pretty cold at the summit so we didn’t stay long to enjoy the panoramic views. In fact, when we got to the top, we took the picture that you see above and went straight back down. Lol.

The hike it self was pretty challenging but reminds me of the hike up Mt. Woodson to the Potato Chip Rock. I’ll definitely plan on doing this hike again but when it’s a little warmer.

Larry – TheRockWhispers

Larry – TheRockWhispers

If you live in Carlsbad and walked along Carlsbad State beach, you have likely seen his work before. You can’t help but admire the formations and makes you wonder where his inspiration comes from. Where ever it comes from, it’s people like Larry that make this world a more beautiful place.

You can see more of his work on Instagram, username: Therockwhispers


Rock n Roll San Francisco 2014

I ran the Rock n Roll San Francisco Half Marathon this morning. A tough run with a lot of hills. It was totally worth it though as the course had some spectacular views along the coast and the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out the video of the course below.

The run was also a great practice run for the upcoming La Jolla Half Marathon which also has some challenging hills.