San Luis Rey Trail Bike Ride

Oceanside Bike Ride (Photo by Agnes Fernandez)

On Saturday, I did a short fun ride with some co-workers. The ride was about a 19 mile loop from Mance Buchanon park to Oceanside Harbor and back on the San Luis Rey River Trail.

The San Luis Rey River Trail is 7.2 miles between Neptune Way on the west end and the College Bridge on the west end. The trail follows the course of the San Luis Rey River and is mostly flat. It’s a local favorite among cyclists, walkers and inline skaters.

Afterwards, we had a little BBQ at one of my co-workers house where I spent most of my day eating and drinking with good company. It was a nice way to spend the day.

Sunday was more of the same as I did pretty much nothing except for watching The Masters on TV and then the new Captain America movie. Too bad the weekend had to end.

Rock n Roll San Francisco 2014

I ran the Rock n Roll San Francisco Half Marathon this morning. A tough run with a lot of hills. It was totally worth it though as the course had some spectacular views along the coast and the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out the video of the course below.

The run was also a great practice run for the upcoming La Jolla Half Marathon which also has some challenging hills.