Photo Walk – Hoover Dam

I finally got around to looking at the Hoover Dam photos from my little photo walk with Drew a few weeks back. The whole experience was awesome since it was the first time I visited Hoover Dam and the first time I met Drew in real life. We went early evening just before sunset to avoid the large crowds and to take some pics of the dam at night.

Below are a few of my favorites.

I was really hoping to get a frontal photo of the dam at night but there was really no place to take that shot from.

Next time I’m at the Dam, I’ll try this photo again but from a higher vantage point.

Some Pics From the UC Irvine Tourney

So I just got done looking through the pics I took from the UC Irvine International Tournament. Considering this was only my second attempt shooting indoor volleyball, I’m okay with how the pictures came out.

Indoor volleyball is regarded as one of the toughest sports to photograph due to the combination of (typically bad) lighting and speed at which the game is played. ISO’s of 1600-3200 and shutter speeds of 500 and greater are usually required to “stop” the action. Fast lenses of f2.8 and below are a must. My poor Canon 50D was pushed to the limit and quite honestly it shows in the quality of the photos. Because I had to shoot at ISO3200, there was quite a bit of noise in all the pictures I took. I’m starting to realize if I want to continue shooting sports and indoor volleyball, I’ll have to start saving for better equipment.

Anyways, here’s a few of my favorites from the tourney this weekend.