AIDSWalk San Francisco 2009

What did I have in common with 25,000+ people Sunday, July 19th? We all participated in the 23rd Annual AIDSWalk San Francisco at Golden Gate Park. The event raised over 3.5 million dollars for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and dozens of other Bay Arean HIV/AIDS service organizations. Since 1987, AWSF has raised more than $70 million for HIV/AIDS programs and services in the Bay Area and has become Northern California’s largest AIDS fundraising event. Last year alone, 25,000 walkers raised a near-record $4.5 million for SFAF and more than 50 other Bay Area AIDS service organizations. The event once again brought together people from all walks of life for a common cause in the battle against AIDS and to support people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.

This was my second year attending the 6.2 mile walk and probably will be an annual thing for me as I try and do my part to help show support towards finding a cure for this disease.

Beautiful weather, great scenery, and 25,000+ people showing their support for a great cause – what more can you ask for? Below are some of the images I captured throughout the day. You can check out the full set here. Enjoy!

The start of the walk.

The memorial wall.

There was entertainment throughout the walk.

I love the interesting people I met.

It’s not AIDSWalk without the outrageous people. The guy on the right did the walk in heels!

And since this was at Golden Gate Park, there were alot of unique buildings, plant life and beautiful scenery.