Tobey – Golf Swing Sequence


I met up with my brother-in-law Ramel and nephew Tobey at the golf range after lunch today. Tobey is pretty active in different sports like gymnastics, swimming, tennis, karate and of course, golf. I took some pictures of his swing and finally had the opportunity to use the 6.3 fps (frames per second) of the 50D. With the exception of wearing two gloves (my dads influence on him), he’s not doing to bad.

Tiger Woods in the making? I think he’s heading in the right direction. :)

  • drewmgriffin

    Love the sequence. Good form

  • edwinv

    Tobey says thank you.

  • edwinv

    Tobey says thank you.

  • golf swing plane

    Just from those pictures, this guy is looking really good. I bet you’re really proud. That is so amazing! I think it’s great when people figure out young what their passion is, you never know.. he could be the next Tiger!

  • medicus driver

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  • Medicus Dual

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