Day 4 – We’re Moving!


It’s official. We are moving out of the fabulous beach front condo and into a single family house my roommate just closed escrow on. Congrats, roomie!

With the rash of robberies that occurred in our facility and area in April, I was planning on moving and getting my own place. Ironically, the day I started looking, my roommate dropped the news that his offer for a home he didn’t think he was going to get, was excepted. He extended an offer for me to rent out a room at his new place but I initially told him that I wanted to keep my options open and to see if I could get my own place first.

After about two weeks of looking on Craigslist, I learned two things- 1 bedroom apt/condos and studios were either out of my price range or they were located in less than ideal areas. Since it was looking like I was going to have to share a place again, I decided on excepting my current roommates offer of renting one of the rooms at his new home.

We need to be out of the condo by June 14th, which leaves a little over a week to pack. Luckily, I don’t have too many things here so the move should be fairly easy. As much as I am going to miss this place, I’m excited to be moving. 🙂