Bird Walk

While enjoying the late afternoon sun at Carlsbad State Beach today, I came across an unusual sight, a man walking his pet bird. Actually, it was a husband and wife walking their dog and pet bird. How often do you see that? Thinking that I wouldn’t get another opportunity too see something like this, I quickly snapped a picture with my iPhone and posted it on Brightkite.

As they walked away, I was a little upset at myself for not having my dslr with me to take a better picture. I brought the camera but left it in the car thinking I wasn’t going to see anything worth photographing that I haven’t taken at the beach already. Lucky for me, the couple turned around and headed back in my direction. When I saw this, I rushed back to my car to get the dslr. The owners were nice enough to allow me to take a few snapshots of their beautiful and well trained bird.

AIDS Walk 2009



AIDS Walk – San Francisco is just around the corner and I’m extremely excited to be participating again this year. Thanks to friends, family, relatives and awesome people who were kind enough to donate, I was able to meet my goal last year of collecting $1000+ in donations and sponsorship, and thus giving me Star Walker Status. My goal this year is to collect $2000+ in donations and with your help, I’m sure I can achieve this and then some. So if you’re reading this, please consider making a donation to a worthy cause.

Feel free to link up this post or my donation site to spread the word. – Thanks!

Before going, I wanted to leave you with a few clips of last years event. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Weekend

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend we just had here in the San Diego County. It was definitely a weekend to be outdoors as the temperatures were in the mid-80’s with no clouds in the sky.

On Saturday, I was torn between watching the AVP up in Riverside, CA or going back to the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. Ultimately, I chose the zoo since I didn’t want to drive an hour to Riverside plus I didn’t want too spend money on gas, parking and admission. Buying the year pass to the San Diego Zoo earlier in the year has already paid for itself since I’ve gone to the San Diego Zoo twice and now the Wild Animal Park twice also. I’ll be going back at least once in the next month and possibly a second time when my buddy and family come down to visit in the upcoming weeks.

I spent most of the day at the zoo walking around and taking pictures with my new Canon 50D. Afterwards, I decided to drive down to La Jolla to check out La Jolla Cove. As expected, the area was packed with people enjoying the great weather and the coastal scenery. I was able to get some photos of the seals and a few of the squirrels that were running around the area.


Sunday was another beautiful day weather wise. I spent most of the day at my favorite local Starbucks and just relaxed and played around with Photoshop. I was trying to teach myself how to automate some of the post processing of photos to help minimize my time spent on the computer. I think I finally made some actions that will correctly place a watermark on my photos(see below).


Anyways, its almost 3:00am and its WAY past my bedtime. I need to be up in about 3 hours so work should be interesting. I’ll probably require lots and lots of coffee.

Gadget: Canon 50D


I finally got the Canon 50D. I was actually saving for the Canon 40D. But after playing around with the 50D at the local Best Buy, I decided to spend a little extra and purchase the newer model. I couldn’t resist the 15 megapixel sensor, the higher resolution 920,000 dot LCD and the newer DIGIC 4 image processor.

I can’t wait to test this bad boy out!

Since being bitten by the shutter bug last year, I knew that I would out grow the Canon XTi that I owned for a little over a year. To be honest, I wish I had spent a little more and purchased the 40D when I first invested in a DSLR. I would’ve saved some money now considering the difference between a 40D vs. 50D is not as extreme as a XTi vs 40D. Anyways, now that I have a camera body that will allow me to be more flexible and creative, its time to start saving for better glass(lens).

Hopefully I can purchase my first L series lens sometime in September. It would be a great birthday present to myself! 🙂

Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend was definitely something I needed. It gave me an opportunity to see some of my friends and old coworkers, to handle some last minute tax issues and most importantly, too see my family. Like most weekends, it went by too fast. As I sit here waiting for my 20 minute delayed flight, I’m already missing them. Fortunately, my sister and brother and their families will be coming down in the next month or so. Yay!

I didn’t get a chance to take too many pictures this weekend but this has to be my favorite. Love the face on my nephew Joshua as he was watching a Sponge Bob DVD. And of course my other nephew Tobey playing Super Monkey Ball on my iPhone.

(Taken with the Panasonic TZ5)tobey-and-joshua